I love shooting photos of Mother Nature, particularly the "small" world. Macros are a fascinating way to view the world and to get an idea of the diversity of life that surrounds us. My passion for photography came from another hobby, hybridizing hostas. As my hybrids developed and I photographed them, something seemed to be I began to enhance my skills as a photographer, by asking questions and studying the photos of others. It surprises me, how one hobby can lead to another.
© Ron  Livingston PhotoID# 5841414: Symbiosis in Pink Winners        slide show (110)
These photos have been given awards by the wonderful people at
I am very proud to have these awards.

© Ron  Livingston PhotoID# 10096724: Iris Orb Art Glass        slide show (7)
These images were taken at the Habitat Gallery in Royal Oak, MI. A great place to spend a day with or without your camera. ( better with !! )

© Ron  Livingston PhotoID# 8699541: Majestic Might Birds        slide show (15)
Birds are one of nature's most creative achievements...I love watching them and occassionally photographing them.

© Ron  Livingston PhotoID# 6582655: Daylily Delight Daylilies        slide show (24)
Short lived summer flowers with an amazing diversity of colors and shapes. Each flower lasts only one day, hence the name "day lily".

© Ron  Livingston PhotoID# 3481867: Sunset Serenity Great Lakes Area        slide show (15)
Living in Michigan is fantastic to me. I love the weather and the water, especially the Great Lakes. Lake Michigan provides many photo opportunities.

© Ron  Livingston PhotoID# 9987457: When Toads Cry Herps        slide show (7)
Ever since I was a child I have had an interest in snakes, lizards, frogs and toads. I have been fortunate enough to photograph a few.

© Ron  Livingston PhotoID# 9094342: Silver Shogun Hybrid Hostas        slide show (80)
Hostas as a hobby have led me to the search for better photos, I became more interested in photography

© Ron  Livingston PhotoID# 5841414: Symbiosis in Pink Insects and Arachnids        slide show (72)
Some of the most interesting creatures in the world are some of the smallest and most numerous. Macro photography opens the door to this world.

© Ron  Livingston PhotoID# 8520062: Iris Love Affair Irises        slide show (31)
These beauties are only around for a couple of weeks in May, but the memories of them last all year long in my mind.

© Ron  Livingston PhotoID# 3481884: Glory at Dusk Light Houses        slide show (3)
It is fun on vacation to stop at light houses along the way for some history and photography.

© Ron  Livingston PhotoID# 3486075: Polar Express Mammals        slide show (9)
Those four legged furry friends bring much joy when I photograph them...

© Ron  Livingston PhotoID# 9942776: Orchid Obsession Orchids        slide show (32)
Orchids are one of my favorite flowers, exotic and fascinating.

© Ron  Livingston PhotoID# 10505638: Droppers Refractions        slide show (9)
Over the winter I read about shooting refractions in water drops; I was anxious this summer to give it a try. It is challenging and requires patience, but is also rewarding and fun.

© Ron  Livingston PhotoID# 9293771: Flat Top Mt. Smokey Mountains and Blue Ridge Area        slide show (29)
We love to vacation in the Mountains. The Smokies and areas along the Blue Ridge Highway are favorite spots. Peaks of Otter is an amazing place, especially in the fall.

© Ron  Livingston PhotoID# 10036760: Spring Pleasure Spring time        slide show (106)
Of course this is one of my favorite times of the year, everything is fresh and new. Life begins again. So much fun with my camera each and every spring.

© Ron  Livingston PhotoID# 4530282: Nature's Way Sunflowers        slide show (14)
Finding fields of sunflowers to photograph has become a hobby. Sometimes I may even find delightful monarch butterflies enjoying the flowers as much as me.

© Ron  Livingston PhotoID# 10277113: Horseshoe Falls Waterfalls        slide show (14)
The sounds and sights of moving water are peaceful and tranquil, hiking into areas where I can photograph waterfalls is a source of great personal pleasure.

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